We are all unique, with something extraordinary to offer. Yet, we don’t always recognize that.

Whether we are thinking about how to approach our performance review, apply for a new role or start a small business, we may begin our approach by thinking of the downside, instead of starting from a place of positivity.

Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting Marsha Haywood, one of the authors of the Little Black Book of Success for a discussion at Barnes and Noble in TriBeCa, New York. During our discussion with fellow co-author Rhonda Joy McLean, we chatted about our quickness to gravitate to the downside of things, and our reluctance to focus on the positive side when it comes to recognizing our strengths.

We all agreed that prior to making decisions affecting our career or business, we should begin by focusing on what is great about us. While we can’t ignore what we may lack, we need to approach our self-criticism from a place of love and power – always knowing that we have the power to change, pivot and recalibrate.

That sparked this quick post – and I wanted to ask you: What is your super power?

Your power makes a difference for others – use it generously.

Do you have an ability to bring people together?

How about your innate ability to solve complex problems quickly, and find the resources to get things done?

Are you one of these extraordinarily resourceful people that finds answers fast?

Perhaps, you’re the “go to” person in your office, your family and amongst your friends.

Is your super power in the art you create, the poems you write, or the crafts you make?

One of my super powers is helping people understand that all will be okay. At work, when my colleagues are worried about tight deadlines, I’m the one breathing deeply and flowing smoothly, focused on getting things done. It’s one of the things that has appeared on every performance review as a leadership quality, and THE one thing my colleagues consistency compliment me on: “Yesi stays cool, collective and focused under pressure. She gets sh*t done!”

Take a moment today to think about what you bring to the table, and the community. Give yourself credit for bringing that positivity to the world.

Perhaps your super power is something that comes naturally, and effortlessly to you, but to others it is the thing they need to be uplifted, or calmed down. Your power makes a difference for others – use it generously.

Share your super power with us and you may be featured in the Spring Issue of Latina Executive magazine.

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