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The Hispanic Action Network at Colgate-Palmolive hosted a conversation with Yesi Morillo on Bold Leadership in Times of Change.

Yesi delivered an impactful presentation that moved employees to capitalize on their leadership abilities and amplify their self-confidence and trust.  The messages delivered resonated with many employees at a moment when operating business and marketplace environments are undergoing transformation.

Yesi is very engaging, enthusiastic, and genuine. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Yesi on some of our Global Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

Alexandra Contreras, CDP – Senior Analyst, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Colgate-Palmolive


Speaking from the depth of my soul, PTBL and Yesi have been fruit to my spirit. Yesi’s story alone speaks volumes!  She is an inspiration and a blessing to anyone’s life she touches.

She gives you hope when you’re walking through the valley. Personally, she has made me see my worth and potential.

I am extremely grateful for the friendship we have and continue building!

Erika Cusimano – Vice President, Financial Services

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Yesi is a remarkable leader, coach and champion for all women. We invited Yesi to share her story of personal and professional achievement with the Baruch Women’s Leadership Initiative, a group of female administrators at Baruch College.

We were all so taken with Yesi and with her resilience, passion, work ethic, sense of humor and sense of justice. We are very proud of her being a Baruch alumna, and even moreso for her impressive career in banking, her founding of Proud to Be Latina, and her ongoing journey to bring her wealth of knowledge to help others define their self-worth and achieve personal and professional success.

Janet B. Rossbach – Director, Alumni Relations and Volunteer Engagement, Baruch College


This year the Mercer Racial and Ethnic Diversity Business Group developed an initiative called Latinos in the Workplace as part of its Annual Hispanic Heritage Celebration. Yesi was chosen as the keynote speaker for that event. Her 20+ career in the corporate financial services world coupled with her drive and passion of continuous learning were the key reasons why.

As Dominican-American who has paved the way for her own leadership trajectory and paid-it forward to so many of her Proud To Be Latina members and cohorts we wanted to get her perspective on how she made all of it possible. Well let’s just say she did not disappoint.

In her keynote, Yesi poignantly delivers stark details of her successes and why at the core of who she was a Latina, woman, and driven individual she also experienced some significant blows. She took us on a cathartic journey that many fellow Latinos in the workplace go through but are too ashamed or afraid to recognize or speak about. We came out on the other side, so much better for it and with a new friend in Yesi. Her authenticity came through powerfully and without apology.

Amaly C Homer – Retiree Exchange Business Leader, Mercer Marketplace 365