An immersive six-module program to help individuals apply disruptive, yet effective leadership principles that move them into an elevated state of impactful and agile leadership.

Ambition and success is multi-dimensional, and requires a well-rounded, agile strategy.

When individuals are professionally and personally well-rounded, they are more equipped to effect change, lead others, and make an impact in their organizations and communities.

In this dynamic, immersive six-module elevation program, we work with individuals, groups and organizations to develop effective, visionary and agile leaders who are ready to lead at the next level.

Our goal: To ignite boundless leadership and transform individuals into agile leaders who can more broadly contribute to their ongoing success and that of their organizations.

We do this over six-modules constructed under three pillars: EXCAVATION – ELEVATION – EMERGENCE.

Modules 1 & 2 – The Excavation Phase: Increase Self-Awareness and Release Limiting Beliefs

It is time to get past self-imposed excuses, and get started on real accomplishments. Participants are asked the biggest question to set the stage for this program: “Who Are You Here To Be?”

We will break down barriers, extinguish lies, crush beliefs and create a clear mental path so participants can get laser-focused on their end goal.

Modules 3 & 4 – The Elevation Phase: From Clarity to Strategy

Now that participants have done the digging to identify what they want and what is blocking them, it is time to engage them in developing an executable plan that will help elevate them from the past state into their desired state.

We’ll pivot off of the fundamental question “Who Are You Here To Be?”, to create a Strategic Blueprint and a Vision Board. These powerful tools create clarity and strategy to guide individuals into their upper leadership limit.

Modules 5 & 6 – The Emergence Phase: From Blueprint to Execution

With known blocks cleared, increased self-awareness, identified strengths, and the creation of a robust blueprint and vision board it is now time to put tools into practice.

Participants learn Three Critical Leadership Skills: high productivity, effective time management and the dominance of communicating their value with cadence. We then mold the phases together to achieve the result of a professional who knows how to Show Up, Communicate Value and Be Influential.

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